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Project Description

VIZR Tech created software that provides visual checklists and step-by-step timed reminders to surgeons and clinical care teams  in highly emergent situations, allowing them to better coordinate life-saving efforts and even work hands-free. VIZR Tech partnered with 24K Creative and GoMo Health to define their business development and outreach strategy and tactical market roll-out.


To develop the VIZR Tech brand identity and generate product awareness.


A complete brand strategy, identity and platform, full suite of marketing and business development materials, responsive website, and social media profiles; live event marketing/promotional plan including exhibit booth design, uniforms, promotional materials, PowerPoint, sales kit and  advertisements.

It has been a pleasure working with the professional team members of Gold Group. Our partnership gave us the breadth and polish to get a running start with our business plan. They have shown by their actions that they are serious about customer service. On more than one occasion, Gold Group has made significant accommodations in order to fulfill a need for our company.
Rich Buchler, President and COO, VIZR Tech
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