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Project Description

24K and Gold Group teamed up with Reader’s Digest to design interactive ads and mobile sweepstakes for readers.


To connect advertisers with consumers in a unique way and  increase consumer engagement with print ads, transitioning them seamlessly from print to interactive.


During the rebranding of their print magazine, Reader’s Digest was looking to create an interactive experience for their readers and advertisers. Starting with the January 2014 issue, Gold Group helped Reader’s Digest utilize mobile messaging for sweepstakes and coupons as a way to interact with ads.  Read the release.

As part of their offerings, Reader’s Digest provides their readers with free travel information. Gold Group was tasked with designing and implementing the online and mobile portion, as well as supporting the travel section’s sweepstakes with mobile messaging.

Mobile sweepstakes skyrocketed to more than 26,000 entries in one month following the launch of this program.

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