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Project Description

KaBOOM! partnered with 24K Creative to use a combination of social and mobile strategies to enhance its market position as a leader in innovation and social consciousness by providing their product to millions of American children.


Increase product awareness and social media presence and create assets for social media marketing and customer engagement.


An interactive, hands-on exhibit and play area promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) based play prompts centered on learning through play, teamwork, and collaboration.

24K Creative researched, coordinated, set-up and monitored an exhibit booth at the 29th Annual NJ Sand Castle Contest, where tour/recreational groups, camps, and individuals are historically drawn to this fun and creative environment. By establishing a sample play environment to showcase Rigamajig, 24K created hype around the play product and generated social media content through which to promote and market these educational play toys in a consistent and ongoing strategy.


Marketing Assets Generated:

(165) photos
(17) videos
(1) time lapse video
GoMo Sweepstakes Results:

Response rate: 1.5%. Winner announced and awarded on site.