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Project Description

After 24K Creative redesigned the Barbizon of Red Bank website, collaboration began on ways to promote the Barbizon services to the local target market. In an effort to promote one free Barbizon session, Facebook ads successfully generated new leads for the company.


Through Facebook ad campaigns, the goal was to generate as many new signups for Barbizon sessions as possible over the course of five months. The offer given through Facebook ads was for one free modeling, acting or personal development session at Barbizon of Red Bank.


Three Facebook ad campaigns ran on the Barbizon of Red Bank page from May 2016 until October 2016. One campaign targeted adults, one targeted teens, and the third targeted kids. While the offer was open to all ages, ads were segmented between kids, teens and adults so that each age group received a targeted creative. Each campaign had its own creative and drove back to a specific landing page to capture lead information.


The 3 Facebook campaigns generated over 13,000 clicks and 202,000 impressions. In total, Barbizon generated 132 leads who converted on the landing page.

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