It’s impossible to predict the future, but that doesn’t stop us from trying every year. Forecasting the major trends that will affect marketing in the coming year gives us a good idea of what opportunities are available in 2018. As 2017 is coming to an end, let’s take a look at the coming year and highlight a few areas that are beginning to trend in marketing.

Content Marketing will still be King

According to a survey conducted by Smart Insights, Content Marketing is the single marketing activity that marketers believe will have the largest commercial impact in 2018. Content Marketing touches so many different facets of digital and traditional marketing that it’s just too important to ignore. Use Content Marketing in 2018 to drive leads and sales on your website, blog, social media, advertisements, email newsletters, and more (the list goes on and on!).

Five Marketing Predictions for 2018

Those who master “Micro-Moments” will win at marketing

The scenario is familiar –  while out with friends or shopping, a question is posed that you NEED an answer to in that moment. Turning to a mobile device for quick answers to in-the-moment needs, or micro-moments, are the new norm for the average consumer. According to Google, micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to their smartphone or mobile device to act on a need. These intent-rich moments are the linchpin for consumer decision making and preference refinery.

Which brings us to….


Mobile Marketing

Without the boom in mobile device usage, micro-moments wouldn’t exist. In 2017, users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. The key to strong mobile marketing is to factor in all the routine marketing businesses have become proficient in doing, but for mobile as well. Most businesses have already created mobile-optimized websites, but in 2018, they must also consider how SEO, advertising, and other marketing tools are impacted on a mobile device.


Smart Content

Smart content, or content that is intelligently personalized to your customer’s needs, will be a big marketing trend in 2018 because it fits the unique needs of each consumer. Depending on the viewer characteristics, smart content alters the content displayed within rich text or HTML. By customizing the content that a person sees on your website, they are more likely to find what they are looking for faster and in turn, have an overall better experience.


Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce’s State of Marketing report found that marketers anticipate a 51% growth in AI over the next two years. AI is meaningful to marketers because it can improve efficiencies, create personalized messaging, and even generate content on its own. And with the prevalence of AI devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the norm for today’s consumer.

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