//Motivate People to Take Action with Your Marketing

Motivate People to Take Action with Your Marketing

Here at 24K Creative, we focus much of our energy on the science of motivation. So much so that we’ve developed Behavioral Rx™, the behavioral and cognitive science of engagement. After all, isn’t the goal of all marketing to motivate people to buy your product or service?

Through marketing, we can tap into what motivates a person to take action. These principles apply to any industry: health, retail, manufacturing…you name it. Below we explore just a few ways to create marketing pieces that engender high response rates.

Time Sensitive Offers – Nothing screams “Hey, do this now!” than creating deals, offers, giveaways or sales that have an expiration date. By creating time sensitive offers, a sense of urgency is created that will push your audience to act sooner than later.

Urgent Wording – When developing content for emails, blogs, offers, or service pages of your website, you can use words or phrases that encourage action and completed actions. Some of the most effective uses of urgent wording include these phrases:

  1. Don’t delay
  2. Act now
  3. Hurry in
  4. Call today
  5. Call now

Make it Easy to Act – Don’t make it harder for a customer to purchase from you than it needs to be. Simplify forms, make calls to action prominent and not buried under a lot of text. According to a recent study, 25% of online shoppers abandon their cart because the website navigation is too complicated. Simple is better!

Learn More About Your Customer –  You can learn more about your target audience through your online engagement. Develop forms and conversion opportunities on your site or other marketing materials that allow you to gain insight to the values of your audience. For example, adding a simple “industry” section to your form with a dropdown menu of common industries allows a B2B company understand the top industries reading their content. Then, it can develop industry-specific content and products that will perform better.

Take Away Their Risk – Money back guarantees take away the hesitancy behind many shoppers. If they know there is no risk to their purchase, they will feel like they can’t lose by trying your product or service.

Behavioral Rx™ is an emerging social science with associated behavioral communications methodologies that uses proven psychological techniques and leverages people’s innate behavioral and emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, reciprocity) to motivate actions, in-the-moment, as part of a person’s daily life at home, work, and play. 24k Creative uses this science to structure its programs and services for clients. To learn more about Behavioral Rx or 24K Creative’s service offerings, fill out the form below.

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