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Boost your SEO with Social Media


Are Social Media and SEO connected? There’s no doubt that they have become closely intertwined but the exact impact that social media has on SEO is still a grey area. Though there are some conflicting schools of thought, Google says they don’t use social signals (such as likes, tweets, or pins) in their search rankings but social media is too powerful of a tool today for brands to ignore and as social continues to grow, so will its value.

Social media relies on high-quality content, a strong brand presence and giving your users an overall quality experience. There’s no specific way to improve your authenticity for SEO but by improving your reputation on social media with increased engagement, relevant content and good experiences, your online brand presence will grow.

The total number of followers and connections your social media profiles contain do have a significant influence on your rankings. Here are 6 social media tips to help increase your visibility:

  1. Be consistent. Post regularly.
  2. Keep the word count down. Less is more on social media.
  3. Content is the most important thing. Provide information that your audience deems helpful and informational as opposed to salesy.
  4. Consider blogging or creating infographics, downloadables and videos to share and drive people back to your website.
  5. Call on your local community and peer groups to help increase your local reach by posting about events that your company plans to attend and any workshops that they might be hosting.
  6. Tag other businesses in your posts, share pictures and ask the public to weigh in with their thoughts.

Providing useful and interesting content will give your followers a reason to engage by clicking, liking, retweeting and sharing which will in turn increase your credibility.  It also provides a great opportunity for external links to your content which has been proven to be a Google ranking factor. In short, the better experience you give your users, the higher you’re going to rank in Google search.

Another way to optimize your social media posts for searches is by strategically using the same keywords that you use for traditional SEO. Weave your SEO keywords into:

  • Social posts, links and hashtags
  • Social media profiles
  • Original content development

Think of social media as an extension of SEO. By treating it like its own search engine, you are increasing the chance that your business and your content will be discovered. Use social media to build your brand and drive qualified traffic to your blogs and websites which ultimately will have a significant impact on your SEO.

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