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Website Redesigns: Don’t Overlook These 6 SEO Considerations

Redesigning a website is no easy task. What may seem like a quick project swiftly turns into something that can last for months and months.

Coming to the end of your redesign, it’s tempting to make it live and just get on with your other big marketing projects. Many times, we notice that a few things get overlooked towards the tail end of a website redesign.

When the time comes to finally launch your website, don’t overlook these six things:

  1. Robots.txt – When designing a website on a staging domain, the site is usually blocked from being crawled by search engines. Make sure that when you launch, you ensure that robots.txt are not being blocked or you will see a drop in traffic.
  1. 301 redirects – As you change the structure of your site, it’s important to set up 301 redirects so that you don’t lose SEO value. If you change the URL of a page or plan on removing a page altogether, make sure you set up a 301 redirect from the old link to the new one so the SEO value gets passed along.
  1. Responsiveness – Don’t sleep on mobile responsiveness. Your site should absolutely be mobile responsive in 2016.
  1. Analytics tracking – Did you add your analytics tracking codes to the new website that you’ve designed? If you’re creating a new website, it’s important to include your tracking codes so you can see how traffic has decreased or increased after the launch of your new site.
  1. Page load time – It’s nice that you’ve created a really flashy, special website. But if it takes longer than 2 seconds for your website to load, people probably won’t stick around to see it.
  1. Double-checking – Congratulations, you launched your new site! Give your team time to check the in’s and out’s of your website. This includes clicking on links, buttons, and reading through content on even the most menial of pages. You never know where you overlooked a 301 redirect or made a formatting error.

Have you experienced a website redesign mishap? Let us know in the comments below if there are any other easy-to-miss items on your website redesign checklist.

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